About ChoreoGraphics - Hours of Operation

REGULAR HOURS (for responding to client Phone Calls and Emails):
Noon - 7pm CST | Monday-Friday

These hours are set aside for conversing with clients usually either via telephone or email, therefore very little billable work gets done during regular hours (unless it involves scheduled paid marketing or technical consulting). When not communicating with clients, those hours are filled with a multitude of business-related activities such as Tech Support phone calls both to and from ChoreoGraphics and formal training to stay up with latest trends. It is during Regular Hours that priorities are set for actual billable work to be performed during our normal Work Hours later each night.

BLACKOUT (Work) HOURS (generally no client interaction other than outgoing emails on projects as needed):
10pm until sometimes 6am | Every Day

We usually shut off all incoming client communication after 7pm and work through the night on projects scheduled prior to that time (and from previous days as some projects take weeks to complete). That way it is possible to stay focused on projects without interruptions in order of importance. Especially when doing coding or in the middle of a product photo-shoot overnight, accepting a phone call at night can easily delay all projects in progress for everyone. Most projects involving "design" work, take time... not just in terms of the actual physical work, but the mental work away from the computer or camera. While it is possible to rush something out the door the same day, usually the results are substandard. From experience (and documented research) most exceptional design work actually takes place during "sleep". When someone is looking for "DOD" (Design On Demand), they are usually disappointed with the results as there is really no time to "think" about much less explore options.