ChoreoGraphics - About the Owner

John Dikmen

President - ChoreoGraphics, Inc.
Design Technologist



Choreographics, Inc.
Design Technologist/President ChoreoGraphics, Inc.
Dates: 1989 – Present

  • Specializing in Most Forms of Design/Advertising/Technical Assistance to Small Businesses and Corporations - especially those with on-going needs who do not want to hire a “traditional” Ad Agency or incur the expense of hiring/training/maintaining a full-time employee(s) to manage their identity or marketing efforts. An unbeatable solution in terms of cost/quality/turnaround especially for anyone who needs 15-80 hours per month for ongoing projects via contract. Over $250k invested in state-of-the-art equipment, software and specialized training - constantly upgraded.
  • Brand Development: Including Logo Design, Branding Specifications/Guidelines, Marketing Strategy Consulting, Ad Campaigns, Web Site Development and All Forms of Print Media.
  • State-of-the-Art Studio Product Photography and Certain types of Portrait & Location Photography
  • Video Editing and Animated Special Effects as well as Adobe Flash design/coding.
  • Trade show Booth Design
  • Electronic Media Ad Campaigns

Online Agency
Creative Director
Dates: 2000 – 2001

LocationDallas/Fort Worth Area
Create all Advertising Materials (Magazine Ads, Presentation Folders, Envelopes, Posters, Stationery, etc.), Branding, Trade Show Booths, Large Screen Audio-Visuals,Web Graphics, etc. and Teach Seminars to the Travel Industry (Travel Agents and Suppliers) regarding their branding/image recognition.
Online Agency was the pioneer in creating a web-based model to effectively deliver content between suppliers, travel agents and consumers. In 2001 ownership was wholly assumed by a Austin-based firm following an explosive growth period.

Eagle Enterprises
Dates: 1978 – Present

Emerald Direct Distributorship and Voting Member - Amway Corporation. Presided over downline organization of several thousand Amway Distributors throughout the U.S and overseas built during the first few years of involvement. Active full-time for 12 years. Planned and delivered scores of training, self-image psychology, human behavioral and motivational seminars from coast-to-coast for individual audiences as large as 4,000. Performed scores of personal, business and marriage counseling sessions during same period.

All new sponsoring activity stopped in 1991. Authored two books on self-image psychology and recruiting strategies and techniques in 1990 that were eventually published by Worldwide Diamond Associates - several thousand copies sold. In addition to numerous public speaking engagements, I also recorded several training and motivational tapes that were distributed worldwide by various organizations and I was eventually offered a lucrative retainer as an Executive Assistant in 1990 to write & publish materials as well as plan all major events for arguably the largest Amway Organization in existence to date, which I later terminated for personal reasons

Sales Engineer
Texas Tanque Manufacturing
Dates: 1978 – 1979

Sales Engineer - Estimate and Prepare Bid Packages for Oilfield Equipment.
Specialist in Cryogenics.

The Ortloff Corporation
Design Engineering Technician
Dates: 1973 – 1978

  • Chemical Plant Design - On and Off-Shore
  • Piping Design Dept. Technician
  • Mechanical & Structural Engineering Dept. Technician
  • Triflex Certified Computer Stress Analyst Technician
  • Piping Engineering Dept. Technician
  • Plant Start-Up Group Technician
  • Special Projects Group - Materials Selection / Valve Specifications / Welding Specifications / Hydro-Pneumatic Testing Procedures / Thermal-Pressure-Weight Analysis / Specialty Items Specialist

Texas Tech University - Architectural Design (BArch)
Dates: 1969-1973

Dean's List every year

Draftsman - ITC Student
City of Midland Texas - Utilities Department
Dates: 1968 – 1969

2 Years Industrial Cooperative Training Program during High School


  • Adobe Certified Expert - Photoshop
  • Adobe Certified Expert - Illustrator
  • Adobe Certified Expert - InDesign
  • Adobe Certified Expert - Acrobat
  • Adobe Certified Expert - GoLive
  • Adobe Certified Expert - Print Specialist
  • Adobe Certified Expert - Web Specialist
  • Adobe Certified Expert - Creative Suite Master
  • Adobe Certified Instructor
  • Who's Who South and Southwest
  • National Association of Photoshop Professionals (Charter Member 1998)
  • Custom Corvette Training (all areas) - Imperial Custom Designs, Tulsa, OK
  • Custom Fiberglass Construction
  • Custom Coatings Specifications/Application
  • Welding Quality Control - Metils Inc., Houston, TX
  • Welding Specifications - TOC
  • Metallurgy - Oklahoma State University
  • Piping Design (Chemical Plant Related)
  • Valve Specifications/Applications/Metallurgy
  • Triflex Computer Stress Analysis - AAA Technologies, Houston, TX
  • Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Testing Procedures
  • Spring Hanger/Expansion Joint Design
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Organizational/Counseling Skills
  • Seminars & Public Speaking (Training/Motivation, etc.)
  • Computer imaging & graphic design
  • Text copy authoring (technical, advertising & presentation)
  • Architectural Design/City Planning
  • Vessel Design/Estimating (various oil field related)
  • Advertising Campaigns (start to finish)
  • Print/Web/Multimedia Solutions
  • Digital Color Management Solutions
  • Macintosh Specifications/Config./Troubleshooting
  • Mac Software Application Development/Integration
  • Security Systems Certification
  • Health & Fitness Certification
  • Water Treatment Certification
  • Artistry Cosmetics Certification
  • 3D/Animation Solutions



  • International Tae-Kwon-Do Federation - Black Belt 1st Dan (1984)


  • Direct Distributor
  • Voting Member Direct Distributor
  • Pearl Direct Distributor
  • Emerald Direct Distributor
  • International Sponsor Certification
  • International Telecharge, Inc. Certification
  • Leadership Seminars (1980 & 1982)

Order of DeMolay

  • Distinguished Service Award - Texas
  • Degree of Chevalier
  • Past State Executive Committeeman (Texas) - Award of Honor
  • Past West Texas Area Master Councilor
  • Past Master Councilor Meritorious Service Award
  • Degree Master
  • Blue Honor Key (3)
  • Representative DeMolay
  • Leadership Correspondence Course - Graduate
  • Hat's Off Award
  • Tournament of Champions (4 wins as a competitor)
  • Tournament of Champions - Competitive Degree Judge Certification
  • Tournament of Champions - Honors Degree Judge Certification
  • Tournament of Champions - Master Degree Judge Certification
  • West Texas Area Degree Competitions - (20 wins)
  • Over 100 Merit Awards for Community Service, etc.
  • Optimist Club - Award of Appreciation
  • Honorary Citizen of Big Spring, Texas
  • Honorary Citizen of El Paso, Texas
  • Honorary Citizen of Andrews, Texas

Order of Knighthood

  • Past Illustrious Knight Commander Meritorious Service Award