ChoreoGraphics Accepted Methods of Payment

All invoices issed by ChoreoGraphics are due upon receipt as they represent either a deposit request or are issued to cover work already completed.

All Invoices are sent via email either directly from Choreographics in PDF format and/or from SQUARE PAYMENT SYSTEMS on our behalf.


Payment Options:

  • Major Credit Cards via SQUARE PAYMENT SYSTEMS - We use SQUARE as our standard method of credit card processing. They allow you to pay your invoice with any major Credit Card (as well as offering fixed monthly payments over 3, 6 or 12 months - for a fee).

    On most projects, ChoreoGraphics maintains a somewhat detailed invoice using QuickBooks generally outlining activities performed as a job progresses to track time. When an invoice is finally issued to a client with a request for payment, you will usually receive (2) emails for each invoice normally within a few minutes of each other - one may come from ChoreoGraphics directly and the other from Square Payment Systems. You make your payments directly to Square Payment Systems on their website. The email payment request you receive from Square is really the only one you need. When you click the "PAY INVOICE" button it will give you the option to download a copy of the detailed QuickBooks PDF invoice from ChoreoGraphics (as a PDF attachment) before submitting payment.

    If you receive a second email from ChoreoGraphics, it will have an identical copy of the same invoice for your records. THE ONLY REASON WE SEND THE SECOND EMAIL IS AS A BACKUP AS SOME CLIENTS MAY HAVE SPAM FILTERS THAT BLOCK UNKNOWN EMAIL SOURCES LIKE SQUARE. It is a good idea to go into your Email Software settings and make sure you "whitelist" the Square email address so that their invoices will not be blocked. Their emails will come from "".

    Square will keep ChoreoGraphics up-to-date on the status automatically. Square will let us know when you receive the invoice email, open the email and pay the invoice as well as issue a receipt directly to you acknowledging payment for your records.

  • ACH or Direct Deposit - You will need to contact ChoreoGraphics for bank routing information.

  • Business or Personal Check (in Texas only*) - You will receive PDF invoices via email directly from ChoreoGraphics.

Just let us know in advance your preferred method of payment and will will make arrangements accordingly.