About ChoreoGraphics - OVERVIEW

For lack of a better description, ChoreoGraphics has evolved into somewhat of a niche bespoke design, branding and ad agency for small business and even some independent contractors. The mega clients out there with massive advertising budgets will usually either hire sometimes outrageously priced Ad Agencies with tons of overhead or fund entire internal departments of their own with salaried design staff, hardware and software to desiminate their message. Small and emerging businesses don't usually have the budget to justify say $250,000 on a new logo design or over $1,000,000 to get started on a new website plus maintenance. However, the average small business is often times in direct competition with these big players on day-one... enter ChoreoGraphics. For over 25 years, ChoreoGraphics has survived entirely by client referrals - that cannot be accomplished if you are over-priced or not delivering consistently high-quality results! Our 98% "repeat-client" rate is hard to argue with, especially in the volatile small business sector.

Total Clients Served
Percent Repeat Clients
Projects Completed
Websites Completed
Print Jobs Completed
Custom Logos Completed

Industry Sectors Serviced

(by number of clients - updated 2022)

This chart shows the wide array of industries that have been serviced. As can be seen almost 1/3 of the clients do not fall into one of the major defined categories. Miscellaneous includes many specially businesses from Security to Transportation to Tactical Organizations.


(by Industry - updated 2022)

This chart shows Total Revenue to date by industry sectors. About all that this shows (in concert with the previous graph) is that the number of clients in a given sector does not always correlate with profits - but nobody need a graph to know that!

Client Geographic Locations

(updated 2022)

This map indicates in RED, the States and Countries where ChoreoGraphics clients have been located.

Dealing intimately with the top tier (owners, CEOs, marketing directors, etc.) of over 300 small business clients in a broad range of industries over the years has given ChoreoGraphics a unique perspective on what works, what doesn't, and why. We have watched a large number of businesses fail during that time span. Being on both the inside and outside concurrently, has allowed us to analyze where businesses may either be going wrong or getting stuck at a level. Branding and Advertising are not the sole reasons for business failure, but in many cases they can be since that is the "face" a small business or entrepreneur displays to the world - especially those with whom they have no direct human-interaction with.

The goal of ChoreoGraphics is to give your business the best foundation and targeted/impactful messaging to your customer-base through print, web, wording and photographic media as needed at a competitive price point.