Client Testimonials

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Chris Dikmen Portrait
Cruise Report Logo

Chris B. Dikmen

President & Managing Editor
Carrollton, Texas

“Launching a new brand on the Internet requires specialized skills and innovative creative services. When we launched we needed to convey a variety of messages to different constituents. Since our business model is both business-to-business (B to B) and business-to-consumer (B to C) there were unique challenges in our corporate branding strategy. Based on past experience in other businesses we chose to outsource all of our creative services to my brother at ChoreoGraphics, Inc.

The choice was right for us. We have a 'single source' for all of our creative needs from press-printed materials to web graphics and animations. Working with a company like ChoreoGraphics has enormous advantages for us. John knows our business inside and out and understands our needs intimately.“

Rickee Richardson Portrait

Rickee Richardson

Senior Vice President
Professional Internet Travel Alliance
Arlington, Texas

“When we started our new business we needed a corporate image that would convey professionalism and credibility. We were faced with the choice of doing everything in-house, using a big name, expensive advertising agency, or choosing a smaller independent design firm. Fortunately, we chose the latter and decided to work with ChoreoGraphics, Inc. Instead of investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in dated equipment, software and personnel, or a high-priced ad agency, we have been able to invest more in our core business.

ChoreoGraphics has exceeded all of our expectations by delivering designs that have formed the foundation of our brand identity. Because of its smaller size and lower overhead, ChoreoGraphics can deliver higher quality at a competitive price. We continue to use ChoreoGraphics exclusively for all of our digital design requirements as well as all of our many printed and web-based materials. We highly recommend them to anyone.”

Carrie Robertson Portrait

Carrie Robertson

Marketing Manager (Chicago, IL)
TOMCAT Staging, Lighting and Support Systems
A Tomcat Global Company
Chicago, Illinois

"We have been utilizing the services of ChoreoGraphics every month for the past 11 years and we just keep coming back for more. Initially we were looking for someone to assist in producing a new 100-page Product Manual back in 1995. Other vendors kept telling us 'something that technical' was beyond their scope of expertise and referred us to ChoreoGraphics.

We were so pleased with the service and results that we began using ChoreoGraphics for other projects as well. ChoreoGraphics has helped us with direct mail, advertising materials, trade shows and signs, website development, digital photography and video, and the list could go on forever.... I can honestly say that the quality and service are exceptional. John Dikmen treats us like we are his only customer and that kind of service is very hard to find."

Stephen Lowery Portrait
Redbeard Capital Logo

Stephen Lowery

Managing Principal
Red Beard Capital
Midland, Texas

"John is simply the best graphics designer & web designer I have worked with. Fantastic work, timely, and someone who is greatly undervalued. I would recommend him for a small start up company all the way up to a large corporation looking for a viable outsourcing solution. You will not be disappointed with his service.""


Schlumberger Logo


Jim Kirksey

Operations Manager, Northeast Division
Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Charlotte, North Carolina

“In 1992 as Area Manager for Schlumberger Well Services we faced the daunting task of preparing a major presentation for what was, at the time, one of the largest tenders to be awarded that year. The presentation was to be over two hours in length and was to cover all aspects of our business. In addition we had to supply twenty hard copies of the presentation. Frustrated by the lack of creative and technical ability of local traditional design and printing businesses we were finally referred to John Dikmen at ChoreoGraphics. John was our solution. His assistance in design and the high quality products that resulted were very impressive. We received immediate positive feedback from our client and were awarded the tender!

This began what has been a long relationship between ChoreoGraphics and Schlumberger. Over ten years later when I need the impossible and the highest quality on short notice, I call John.”

Anita Pagliasso Portrait
T2T Logo

Anita Pagliasso

President & Founder - Ticket To Travel
Co-Founder - Travel Professional Academy
San Jose, California

"As a serial entrepreneur, who also teaches the importance of marketing and branding, I knew I would be a “hard to please customer” as I always tend to have a very specific sense of aesthetics and content vision in mind. Over the many years that I’ve worked with John Dikmen, not only does he totally “get” what I’m looking for, but he’s the one designer that seems to have the ability to dive into my own creative mind.

Over the years John Dikmen has always been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and innovative, giving me creative ideas and solutions I couldn’t see myself when faced with some of the challenges of designing and creating a new look for my multiple business websites

Once John helped solve some of the design and branding challenges, other things such as analytics, organization, archival, etc. fell into place as well, setting an easier platform to run successful businesses.

When working with John, he makes me feel like my projects are the only projects in the world. I so appreciate his professionalism, availability, amazing response time, knowledge, and fantastic design skills. I highly recommend John Dikmen!"

Aron Wiesenfeld Portrait
Aron Wiesenfeld Logo

Aron Wiesenfeld

Professional Artist
San Diego, California

"The website you created for me is so much better than I pictured it when we first began. Thanks to your expertise and professionalism the entire process was easy and fun. I’m very particular about the way my paintings are presented, but you made them look fantastic. Now I have a portfolio website that I am proud to show to galleries and collectors. I will be recommending you to everyone I know that needs a website. Thanks John.!"

Amanda Hand Portrait
TravelSafe Logo

Amanda Hand

Lead Marketer
TravelSafe Insurance
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

"John has been excellent to work with. TravelSafe has been working with John for years, and after being on board for a few months, I can see why. He is well versed in design and how it effects your marketing directly. He also has an in depth understanding of all things related to the creative process. We use him for our online advertisements, email marketing, and many other creative tasks. We are always highly pleased with his work and his professionalism."

Ed Anderson

Safe Homes International
Chesapeake, Virginia

"I have been working with John Dikmen at ChoreoGraphics almost every month for nearly 10 years.

At Safe Homes International, we spent a lot of time, money and energy pioneering and refining our line of U.S. patented door security products and our original website simply did not meet the same quality standards we demanded from our products. Therefore, we initially hired ChoreoGraphics to rebuild our former eCommerce site from the ground up with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The result was a mobile-friendly responsive design that has broadened our reach far beyond our previous capabilities with no down-time. We rely heavily on Internet sales and our new website has delivered. Updates have always been implemented in a timely fashion.

In addition, we have used ChoreoGraphics for most of our other branding needs over the years including our printed sales materials. We have also engaged John on a regular basis for marketing consulting and strategic planning.”

Michael Connally Portrait
Michael Connally Logo

Dr. Michael S. Connally

Michael S. Connally
Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Midland, Texas

"When it came time to have someone design and develop a web site and marketing tools for my practice, I spent numerous hours researching which company could provide me with the best service. I found that many of the Dental and Medical Specialty web designers were no more than 'cut-and paste' or 'cookie-cutter' designers. This was not the image I wanted to project to current and future patients. I needed a 'customized and individualized' method of conveying to my patients the services I could provide in an efficient, attractive design.

Fortunately, John Dikmen, a patient of mine, and owner of ChoreoGraphics, was able to take care of “all” my marketing design needs. He developed a superb website that I believe sets my practice apart from others in my industry. It is very easy to navigate and patients love it. ChoreoGraphics also developed new logos and stationery for my practice, as well as digital photography and layouts for magazine and newspaper advertising.

In my practice, attention to detail, and giving my patients the highest value in services provided are very important to me. I can see that these attributes are also shared by ChoreoGraphics. I am happy to have a working relationship with John, and would absolutely recommend him to any company needing web site, graphic or logo design, and other marketing materials."


Amerus Logo


Chris Mattingly

Vice President of Operations
Amerus Oilfield Solutions
Midland, Texas

John Dikmen provides a comodity with a level of expertise in this field that is far beyond his peers. His long list of accolades and accomplishments pale in comparison to his professional knowledge and technical skills required to design and deliver outstanding reults to some of the leading brands in the Permian Basin. John provides superior and exceptional web design and he is my preferred contact when requiring sophisticated skills such as his.

Greg Pyka Portrait
Cruise Albums Logo

Greg Pyka

Cruise Albums and Speedway Albums
Shawnee, Kansas

"As a business owner, my business is very important to not only myself, but to my family and staff. This is why I only look for the best in everything that I do. Over the last fifteen years of running Cruise Albums I have seen numerous graphic artists come and go. John Dikmen at ChoreoGraphics makes our company image look as good as we truly are.

In my opinion, in order to have a substantial footprint in business, your company’s image must be cutting edge and very noticeable. This is why I use the graphic art services of ChoreoGraphics. I believe that when it comes to designing and enhancing graphic images, John Dikmen is truly the best graphic artist in our Solar System.

John, keep up the “Out of This World” artistry, as I’ll be back for more!"

Bruce Rocap Portrait
Copy Craft Logo

Bruce Rocap

Senior Sales Representative
Copy Craft Printing
Lubbock, Texas

“ChoreoGraphics artwork and digital files are top notch. The finished pieces from ChoreoGraphics consistently showcase CopyCraft’s production abilities. From small straight forward marketing pieces to large complicated packaging and point of purchase pieces, ChoreoGraphics develops and delivers digital information that is technically sound. The organization and clarity of ChoreoGraphic’s digital art files allows their projects to flow smoothly and efficiently through the production process. This translates into faster turnaround times and fewer additional costs. I wish that ChoreoGraphic‘s technical savvy and organization were the industry rule instead of the exception.”

Terri Maldonado Portrait
CruiseGal Logo

Terri Maldonado

the CruiseGal
Mesa, Arizona

“I first met John while he was teaching a series of design classes to travel agents at Internet University in Dallas, Texas (2001). ChoreoGraphics and John Dikmen have been important to my business for many years. He took my logo from concept to trademark. I have used it on all media without loosing any clarity or color. From T-shirts to billboards, it has attracted attention. It went through the trademark process in record time. There is no greater compliment than referrals in the business world. I have been pleased to refer family, friends and contractors to John. In all cases, every design has resulted in a clear branding for the referral.”

Jose Cuevas Portrait
JumBurrito Logo

José Cuevas, Jr.

JumBurrito Franchises, LLC
Midland, Texas

"John, I want to personally thank you for creating what many have referred to as “First Class”, “Fantastic” and an “Awesome JumBurrito website”. We have received a tremendous amount of positive compliments and comments.

You captured the good feel of the JumBurrito Brand. I like the interactive elements and believe that it will help us to continue to build credibility and support our franchising efforts. The Rewards Program, Comment Section and the Franchising Next Step Section will allow us to continue to communicate with our customers and to build our data bank.

What I really liked about this project and working with you is your professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to perfection. In these days and times far to many people over promise and under deliver. However that’s not the case with you because you always exceed expectations.

Thank you for understanding the JumBurrito brand and creating such a masterpiece."

Patty Toney Portrait
Sea Era Logo

Patty Toney

Sea Era Travel
Austell, Georgia

“I felt John was almost more excited about my projects than I was! He made me feel like my web site and logo were the most important things in the world. John was so helpful and patient. I should stress that John continued to answer my questions and help me in any way he could even after the invoice was paid! I would absolutely use ChoreoGraphics again, and I encourage all my friends to give John a call!”


Phonetec Logo


John Lowery

Phonetec, LLC
Midland, Texas

"Beginning in 1996, we started outsourcing all of our design projects exclusively to ChoreoGraphics. At Phonetec, we realized early on that it was going to require all of our focused energy to become a leader in the Prepaid Products Industry. By outsourcing all the 'design' and 'fulfillment' related tasks to ChoreoGraphics, it freed us up to concentrate on our primary goals of product innovation and market expansion. Prior to working ChoreoGraphics, even the smallest of design projects could land us on an out-of-town flight to meet with a graphic designer just to communicate our unique needs. This translated into not only additional costs, but lost time as well.

In contrast, after working with ChoreoGraphics all that hassle ended. Whether it be Prepaid Card Designs, P.O.S. Posters and Displays, Trade Show Displays, Stationery, Pump Toppers, Brochures, Web Site Design, Retail Packaging Design, Digital Product Photography or even Kiosk Graphics - ChoreoGraphics has been our all-in-one solution for many years.

When offering a wide range of products to the public through retail outlets, direct sales and even via the Web, “graphics” play a major role. ChoreoGraphics not only handles the “design” stage, but everything from the associated technical issues right down to delivery of the final product. "

Gary Fee Portrait
FamTrips Logo

Gary Fee

Bradenton, Florida

"John Dikmen does a terrific job and I would highly recommend his skills and follow through to anyone."

Michael Spapira Portrait
Hangar 86 Logo

Michael Shapira

Michael’s Charcoal Grill (Hangar 86)
Midland, Texas

"After many years as a restaurateur, I decided to have a web site constructed featuring the 'aviation theme' I had so successfully developed over the past 10 years and was finally prepared to license.

I wanted lots of color (Red, White & Blue) with dynamic visual highlights. It was also my desire to convey the unique atmosphere that people experience when they first enter our one-of-a-kind establishment. At the same time I wanted to take my concept to the next level by showing a virtual-prototype based upon my real-world restaurant which would communicate the 'potential' of my concept.

ChoreoGraphics provided me with EXACTLY what I wanted. Great Job!"

Steve Chase

Chase Woodworking Co.
Midland, Texas

Selling handcrafted woodworking on the web, can only be done with exceptional photography and web site design. John Dikmen performs both of these tasks with excellence.

Without John's expertise, my business would be dead in the water.

Blake Mendez Portrait
Mendez & Co. Logo

Blake Mendez

Social Impact | Cleantech | Agriculture
Midland, Texas

" I learned about John Dikmen from a former client, whose previous experience with him portrayed a positive image. John followed up on his reputation and has become a bedrock business alliance member.

John not only saved my website from falling off the deep end into a financial black hole, but he also has revamped my postcards and just last week my business cards; most importantly, he provides valuable marketing consultation services on top of his creative services.

John Dikmen serves his clients well and has deep experience that will serve your enterprise and its marketing efforts well. Call him!"

Steve Cosgrove Portrait
Dynamic Travel & Cruises Logo

Steve Cosgrove

Dynamic Travel & Cruises
Southlake, Texas

“John does an excellent job not only in getting the job done, but doing it on time and is very creative in his design work.”


Inn Traveler Logo


Tonia Ingram

Arrington Publishing
Midland, Texas

“Arrington’s Inn Traveler quarterly magazine publication presents a number of unique challenges which initially caused us to seek out the expertise of ChoreoGraphics. Each issue of this publication, which is distributed throughout the United States and Canada both through subscriptions and book store distribution, usually contains hundreds of photos which are submitted to us from various sources. We are faced with processing and correcting a broad range of these source images which arrive in every format and quality-level imaginable for each issue - always on a tight schedule.

ChoreoGraphics does an outstanding job dealing with the impossible and is always quick to offer solutions. The results of John’s image processing and correction are impeccable and always done in remarkable time."

Charle Scott Portrait
West Texas Gifts of Hope Logo

Charle Scott

Executive Director for West Texas Gifts of Hope
Odessa, Texas

John’s work is impressive, productive and trustworthy. Within just a few short weeks after an initial conversation, he gave us daily updates while designing exactly the website we wanted. We honor his professionalism and creativity. You can’t miss with John.



Loraine Cottrell

President - Creative Document Solutions
Marion, Ohio

We have been working with John at Choreographics for over seven years now. We can always count on him to come through on every project. His imagination and creativity keeps our marketing pieces both for digital and print material interesting and up to date. His knowledge of the graphics world is awesome. He invests money and time into continuing education so he is on the cutting edge of technology. We highly recommend him!